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Regions of Peru

Territory and Regions of Peru

Peru is in the central and western part of South America, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean which is its natural border to the west. It also limits with Ecuador and Colombia to the north, with Chile to the south and with Brazil and Bolivia to the east.

Peru History

History of Peru


Peru is one of the major original cradles of ancient cultures, together with Mexico, Mesopotamia, India and China. During Paleolithic times, Peruvian peoples started to develop hunter-gatherer villages towards 6000 b. C. and left their first remains in settlements such as Lauricocha in Huanuco. Towards 2500 b. C., agricultural settlements were formed and farming of manioc, lima beans, quinoa, potatoes, cotton and corn started. Peruvian history is divided in five stages until the arrival of Spanish conquerors: 

Peru is one of the major original cradles of ancient cultures.

Travel to Peru Land of the Incas


Peru is a fairy-land with amazing history and enchanting nature. The mighty empire of the Incas has flourished in these lands.

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Peru General Information

General Information about Peru

Peru, one of the 8 mega-diverse countries in the world, offers unique experiences and a chance to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Inheritors of an ancient culture, with hundreds of archaeological sites, Peru was home to Pre-Hispanic cultures, vestiges of which continue alive through present day customs and traditions of the Andean people. From the coast to the mountains and the lowland rainforest, you can enjoy a unique mixture of culture, history, adventure and nature as well as an unimaginable variety of foods complemented with the hospitality and warmth of its people.

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Peru Land of the Incas


Every place on the planet has something of interest, but Peru is undoubtedly a privileged country for its great natural, historical and human legacy.

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Here, nature lovers will feel gratified by the diversity of environments and scenery. They will be amazed by the sharp contrast between forests and deserts on the coast; deep ravines and towering snow-capped mountains in the Andean highlands; densely forested slopes and huge plains of thick vegetation in the Amazon jungle; and they will be surprised at the wide variety of animal and plant life, unique in the world, that is characteristic to each of these regions.

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