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Welcome to POTOSI , Salt Flats Uyuni Expedition  Tour from La Paz to   Salt Flat of Uyuni & Lagoons.


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INKALAND GROUP Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Cusco - Peru

Inkaland Tour Operator: Peru travel Specialist, Licensed Inca Trail Operator. An experienced Peru based tour operator that focus on excellence. We offer tour packages to cuzco, machu picchu, amazon, nazca lines, manu national park. We are a Travel Agency that works with exertion and dedication in order to provide our costumers the opportunity to see the wonders of Peru.  


  • Choose an established tour operator you can trust: It's our mission to offer you the adventure of a lifetime!
  • Travelling solo isn't lonely: Meet like-minded people and make new friends
  • See the world your way: We can offer you the adventure of a lifetime in a travel style to suit your needs
  •  Relax... we'll deal with the logistics: Many choose our tours because it makes travel so much easier.
  • Make friends with local people: Get out there, meet local people and have fun!
  • Activities and excursions: You can enjoy a range of outdoor activities and you don’t have to be super-fit.
  • Flexibility: Take your time and see the best a country has to offer

Travel local representatives

Latin america Trips Travel local representatives will assist you at times when your tour leader may not be available. These local representatives are full-time employees of Inkaland Travel and operate in Lima and Cuzco. 

 Travel drivers

Latin america Trips Travel drivers are an integral part of the road crew and are of varied nationalities. Our drivers are full-time employees of Inkaland Travel and hold international licenses. They are confident dealing with the traffic and rugged roads of Latin America. Safe driving is their priority and they are experienced in vehicle maintenance.

Local guides accompany

Local guides accompany many of our excursions, such as the Inca Trail trek. Their knowledge of the local area and familiarity with its customs and history will enhance your experiences and lift your adventure travel trip out of the ordinary.


Peru General Information
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19 December 2011 by Peru Travel Guide, in Peru tourism and travel information

Peru General Information

Regions of Peru
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18 October 2012 by , in Peru tourism and travel information

Regions of Peru

Peru History
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18 October 2012 by , in Peru tourism and travel information

Peru History


What do our Customers saying about us?

  • We pride ourselves with the positive testimonials we receive from our clients; however we always strive to improve our services every day. Hearing what our returning tour participants have to say plays a vital role in understanding how we can enhance our tour programs, airline, hotel and guide selections for future participants to come. We encourage our clients to give us their feedback, both positive and negative, so we can better serve our clients in the future. Thank you!
    Wilbert Abal // General Manager
  • The journey was truly beautiful and interesting. I really appreciated how both you during the planning and Mary throughout my stay, were always available to help. Travelling with your organisation is like being looked after by family. Thanks for everything!!
    Andrew Cook // Traveller
  • As well as thanking you for your best wishes I wanted to take the opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the travel programme you organised for me. Everything went perfectly: transfers, hotels, flights, buses and trekking. Even the weather - though you can’t get credit for that. Thanks and happy New Year.
    Jonathan & Sarah
  • The trip was fantastic, we had a great time in every place we visited and we were treated well. Your agency was impeccabile. Congratulations. In Cuzco we met Miss Maritza who was very nice and also good at her job. We must send you our photos. We hope to travel with you again.
    Laura Mariani

Discount Airfare

  • Cheap Airlines Tickets‎

    Latin America

    RT: Round trip
    OW: One way

    Price From To OW/RT
    $135 Cuzco Lima OW
    $350 Lima Bogota OW
    $645 Lima Costa Rica OW
    $438 Lima Buenos Aires RT
    $429 Lima Caracas RT
    $390 Lima Quito RT
    $433 Lima San Andres RT
    $382 Lima Medellim RT
    $365 Lima Cartagena RT
    $395 Lima Rio de Janeiro OW
    $595 Lima São Paulo RT
    $599 Lima Porto Alegre RT
    $329 Lima Panama RT
    $499 Lima Porto Alegre RT

Best Places to Visit in Latin America

The Pantanal - Brazil

Perhaps the wildest region in the world, the Pantanal has the greatest density of animal life in South America.

Created by seasonal flooding of the river Paraguai, these wetlands are considered one of the world's largest and most diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems.

While many flock to the Pantanal on a photographic safari to see the majestic jaguar, a number of colorful birds, hummingbirds, macaws and parrots inhabit this area.


Easter Island - Chile

Easter Island, also known as Isla de Pascua or Rapa Nui by the Spanish and Polynesian, is one of the most alluring sacred sites on Earth.

Famous for its enigmatic giant stone figures, the Moai were built centuries ago, but continue to remain a mystery and our only link to the demise of this isolated Polynesian culture.

Easter Island also hosts two white sand beaches making it the idyllic location to take in a bit of ancient culture while basking in the tropical sun. After a morning admiring the Moai, visitors can enjoy bodysurfing, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

The ultimate animal lover's paradise. The Galapagos are perhaps the last unspoiled place on earth where man continues to respect the boundaries of mother nature and wild creatures prosper without fear of man.

No where else can you find animals frolicking, unafraid of their onlookers. Like a child's fairytale, here you can play amongst sea lions, laugh with the penguins and swim alongside turtles.

This is nirvana and it won't last forever. Walking amongst this wildlife creates a memory you will never forget.

Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia 

The world's largest salt flat in the world, salt and other abundant minerals are sought in this area. But travelers know this area as the world's best photo op.

Photographers flock here to capture the unique landscape. Although dry season is recommended for its limitless horizon perspective; the rainy season also provides Dali-inspired reflective photos that make amateur photographers look like pros.

The salt flats are often part of a 3-4 day tour in Bolivia that promises to defy expectations and include such unusual stops as the Salt Hotel. This location feels out of this world.

Torres del Paine - Chile

Torres del Paine National Park is located in the Southern most region of Chile and for those willing to venture to Patagonia it offers astonishing hiking opportunities amongst glaciers, lakes and blue mountains.

Treks are available for varying experience levels on clearly marked paths with options for accommodation and basic services. Those wanting just a taste of its breathtaking views can choose a day trip, while many others hike the popular five day “W” route. For the most adventurous, the full circuit can be completed 9 days.

"The spirit of living the magic of the Inka land". Come to Peru!


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