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LIMA Capital Of Peru

Travel to Lima Peru


“Discover all the cities living within the city of Lima, where the faces, cultures, festivals and flavors of Peru gather together”.

Lima Tours, Travel and Adventures: Lima city, capital of Peru

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Lima is an entertaining, friendly and gourmet city. It was the most prized jewel of the Spanish colonies and for 300 years the wealthiest city in the Americas. Instead of raising palaces for its kings, Lima built grand churches that guard valuable collections of masterpieces and constructed mansions for the aristocracy. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991, yet it is much more than this illustrious title. Lima is also a city of fascinating museums that exhibit treasures that were uncovered at archeological sites from pre-Hispanic cultures. Then again, there is also the district of Miraflores, lying on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, facing both the open sea and modern life, where avant-garde condominiums rise sparkling into the sky and glittering shopping malls are within walking distance of each other. You can also find such modernity in San Isidro, with its lovely residential neighborhoods, large parks and restaurants and open air cafes filled with lively conversations.

Geography of Peru


Peru is situated in the western part of South America. On the north it is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil and Bolivia, and on the south by Chile. The entire west side of Peru is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Peru's size is 1,285,215 sq. km (496,095 sq. miles). To compare: that is roughly France, Italy and Sweden together. Or the US-states of Texas, New York, California and Maine together.

Geographic regions

Geographically the country is divided into three main parts:

  • La Costa, the long, narrow coastal region, facing the Pacific
  • La Sierra, the mountainous Andes region
  • La Selva, the rainforest region of the Amazon basin.

Geography of Peru


Ica Nazca and Paracas Peru


Ica, Paracas and Nazca: In this desert area of Peru we can find traces of the Paracas (700 - 200. BC) and Nazca (200. BC - 700 AD) cultures, Inca ruins and Spanish architecture as well as the desolate beauty of the desert running into the sea.

Ica Nazca Parcas  - Ica Peru

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Ica Peru Overview:

    * Location: Central Coast.
    * Area: 21 305 km2.
    * Capital: Ica (406 masl)
    * Altitude
      Minimum: 2 masl (Paracas)
      Maximum: 3796 masl (San Pedro de Huacarpana)


Ica is known as an area of sand, sea, oases and valleys, the cradle of Peru's Creole culture, saints and medicine men, where the best pisco brandy is distilled and where religious fervor is strong in the worship of the Señor de Luren or the Yauca shrine. The sandy wastes of this area gave rise to major pre-Colombian civilizations, leaving traces that have survived the ravages of time and wind erosion. Founded in 1563 by Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera, the city of Ica, capital of the department of Ica, still features superb colonial constructions such as the Cathedral and centuries-old mansions. The road to Ica provides the traveler with a variety of attractions. First stop along the way is Chincha, a balmy valley that combines festivals and tradition and which is the heart of a culture forged by the descendants of African slaves brought to work the cotton plantations. A few kilometers further on lies the Paracas National Reserve, the only protected area in Peru that includes a marine eco-system. From the pier at Paracas one can take boatrides out to the Ballestas islands, where one can spot sea lions, Humboldt penguins, flamingos and sea birds. South of the city of Ica lies the Huacachina Oasis, and a few kilometers ahead, the Nazca Lines, an extraordinary legacy bequeathed by the ancient people of the Nazca culture. The Lines, an enormous network of lines and drawings of plants and animals that cover an area of some 350 square km, provide an unforgettable experience for those who fly over them. Ica celebrates three major events: the Wine Festival (Ica is home to many vineyards which produce excellent wines and pisco) and the festivals of the Señor de Luren and the Virgen del Carmen of Chincha. This is a good time to try typical Ica dishes and sweets, as well as to visit the town of Cachiche, famous for its folk healers who are said to be able to cure all kinds of ills.

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Access Routes

By land:      *      Lima – Ica: 303 km / 188 miles on the Pan-American Highway South (4 hours by car) By air:     *      There are no regular flights. Air taxi service from Lima is available.

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Chachapoyas Peru


Amazonas Peru Overview:

* Location: North of the country
* Area: 39 249 km2
* Capital: Chachapoyas (2334 masl)
* Altitude
Minimum: 230 masl (Santa María de Nieva)
Maximum: 3952 masl (Chuquimbamba)

The department of Amazonas, named after the Amazon River, provides an extraordinary view of endless leafy forest for those flying over the region. Here and there one can spot villages and towns, even large cities built with great effort in the middle of the jungle. One of these cities is Chachapoyas, capital of the department of Amazonas.

Chachapoyas - Amazonas Peru

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The cradle of the ancient Chachapoya civilization, the city was overrun by the Incas in the fifteenth century, and decades later, after the Spanish Conquest, was founded once more by the Spaniards with the name of Chachapoyas. The main square and the narrow pebbled streets that have been preserved until today date back to these times. Some 70 km west lies the fortress of Kuélap, the bastion of the Chachapoya tribe, a citadel whose access is through narrow walled passages like sloping funnels which helped to keep out invaders. Those same passageways today host tours led by experienced local guides. Other attractions include Laguna de las Momias (a region where archaeologists discovered more than 280 mummies), or the Karajía burial tombs, which stand 2 meters high and are made of hardened clay. Wedged into a mountain cliff, the sarcophagi appear to guard over their ancestral grounds. Amazonas is known for its joyful dances and colorful festivals. The town of Jalca, which is held to be the capital of jungle folklore, holds a series of celebrations all year-long, blending the rituals of local tribes with Christianity. Tasty local dishes worth sampling include the Purtumute, Tacacho and Cecina.

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Access Routes

By land: * Lima-Chiclayo-Chachapoyas: 1409 km / 876 miles (21 hours by car)
* Lima-Trujillo-Cajamarca-Chachapoyas: 1716 km / 1066 miles (30 hours by car)
* Tarapoto-Moyobamba-Chachapoyas: 361 km / 224 miles (7 to 8 hours by car) By air: * At the moment, there are no flights available to Chachapoyas.

* Daily flights to Chiclayo from: Lima (1:25 hour).

* Daily flights to Trujillo from: Lima (1:10 hour).

* Daily flights to Tarapoto from: Lima (1:20 hour).

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Trujillo La Libertad Peru


Trujillo: Trujillo city is proximity to important ruins of Chimu, which is the world's largest city built out of adobe Chan-chan, also known as "City of the Moon" or "of the Long Walls". Other nearby ruins are the Moche ruins of Huaca del Sol, Huaca de la Luna, and El Brujo..

Travel to Trujillo - trujillo Tours - Trujillo Peru

Trujillo - La Libertad Peru Overview:

    * Location: North of Peru.
    * Area: 25 962 km2.
    * Capital: Trujillo (34 masl)
    * Altitude
      Minimum: 3 masl (Salaverry)
      Maximum: 4008 masl (Quiruvilca) 

Trujillo - La Libertad:

Trujillo is a friendly and colonial city, which is at the same time one of the main economic and cultural centers of northern Peru. What is more, it is the capital of the marinera dance and Peruvian El Paso horse breeding. It was the center of the Chimú culture (1100-1400 AD), whose Chan Chan citadel is the largest pre-Hispanic mud-brick construction in the Americas. Trujillo was founded in 1534 as one of the main cities in the vice-regency. The old quarter features many fine colonial buildings such as the Cathedral, the El Carmen monastery, churches and mansions which symbolize the beauty and architectural harmony of the city. On the city's outskirts, visitors can take in an older style of architecture, where the remains of a pre-Hispanic civilization still rear above the green fields and desert sands. The Chan Chan citadel, the El Brujo complex and the temples of the Sun, the Moon and the Dragon, amongst others, are evidence of highly advanced northern civilizations. Beaches near Trujillo are ideal for visitors, not just because of the superb local seafood, fresh caught, or the cool sea breeze, but also for the opportunities to be had for adventure sports and contact with tradition. Huanchaco is a picturesque fishing cove where one can find the ancient craft that appeared on Mochica pottery and on friezes at Chan Chan: the caballitos de totora, rafts woven from the totora reed in an art that has been handed down over generations. Similar skill is shown by the surfing crowd, which year after year gather in the port of Malabrigo, where a surfing championship is staged every March. The local beaches feature the world's longest waves. But above all, Trujillo is the land of the marinera, and the townspeople hold the National Marinera Contest every March, In September, the streets and houses are festooned with decorations to receive a procession of floats, competitions and parties. This is the International Spring Festival, which celebrates the arrival of spring in Peru.

Access Routes

By land:      *      Lima-Trujillo: 560 km./ 348 miles by Panamerican Highway North (8 hours by car By air:     *      Regular flights from Lima to the city of Trujillo (45 to 50 minutes)

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